Resmi R Nair

Resmi R Nair is a Model From Kerala. Pictures of the photographer hanging from a tree like a bat have previously gone viral on social media. Many photoshoots make waves on social media within seconds of sharing. Now the photoshoot photos of Reshmi Nair taken by Nandu Unnikrishnan are noteworthy. The photoshoot of model and activist Reshmi R Nair in her wedding dress has already garnered attention.

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Resmi R Nair

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Reshmi Nair poses for a photoshoot that will amaze everyone. Reshmi Nair has posed for a photo shoot wearing a wedding blouse, jeans, and shorts. Reshmi Nair has arrived in the photoshoot with great glamor. Reshmi herself shared the photos and videos of the photoshoot on Facebook. Instead of holding the bridal plate, the bride arrives with a beer bottle in one hand and a cigarette butt in the other. As usual, many names have come out in support of Reshmi’s photos, but there are also those who say that the pictures are not suitable for Kerala culture.

Image Source: Resmi R Nair

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